Waterfront traffic resolutions – April 2021

Status Closed
Start date 2 March 2021
Closed date 22 March 2021

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council asked for feedback on eight proposed new traffic resolutions for Wellington.

The resolutions are for a variety of traffic and parking restrictions.

Following feedback and Council approval, the traffic restrictions will be added to the Council's legal database and instructions issued to contractors to install any signs and road markings.

Proposed changes

Reference Proposed changes
 TR46-21 (890KB PDF)  Lady Elizabeth Lane, Wellington Waterfront – Confirmation of P15 and P120 time restricted parking; No stopping At All Times
 TR47-21 (390KB PDF)  Queens Wharf – Confirmation of existing metered and restricted parking spaces 
 TR48-21 (370KB PDF)  Frank Kitts Underground Carpark – Confirmation of metered parking
 TR49-21 (370KB PDF)  Taranaki Street Wharf – Confirmation of loading zones and authorised vehicles only parking area
 TR50-21 (380KB PDF)  Barnett Street Carpark – Confirmation of existing metered and restricted parking spaces
 TR51-21 (530KB PDF)  Clyde Quay carpark and Clyde Quay Wharf, Wellington Waterfront – Confirmation of various parking restrictions
 TR52-21 (1.5MB PDF)  Wellington Waterfront, Wellington Central – No Stopping At All Times; shared zone at all times
 TR54-21 (320KB PDF)  Wellington Waterfront - Metered parking charges