Traffic resolutions - September 2020

Status Closed
Start date 28 July 2020
Closed date 11 August 2020
Number of submissions 32

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council asked for feedback on 6 proposed new traffic resolutions for Wellington.

The resolutions were for a variety of traffic and parking restrictions.

Following feedback and Council approval, the traffic restrictions will be added to the Council's legal database and instructions issued to contractors to install any signs and road markings.

Proposed Changes

Reference Proposed changes
TR92-20 (840KB PDF) (Part of) Fortification Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR96-20 (630KB PDF)
(Part of) Cunliffe Street - No Stopping At All Times
TR109-20 (510KB PDF)
(Part of) Ballance Street - Mobility Park Relocation
TR110-20 (520KB PDF)
(Part of) Garden Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR111-20 (510KB PDF)
(Part of) Miramar North Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR112-20 (470KB PDF)
(Part of) Tacy Street - Police vehicle Parking

More information

For more information, please contact:
WCC Network Operations.
PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140
(04) 499 4444