Traffic Resolutions - January 2020

Status Closed
Start date 24 January 2020
Closed date 7 February 2020
Number of submissions 59

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council asked for feedback on forty proposed new traffic resolutions for Wellington.

The resolutions are for a variety of traffic and parking restrictions.

Following feedback and Council approval, the traffic restrictions will be added to the Council's legal database and instructions issued to contractors to install any signs and road markings.

Proposed changes

Reference Location and proposed changes
TR01-20 (1.1MB PDF)  (Part of) Pirie Street - Residents Parking
TR02-20 (990KB PDF)  (Part of) Earp Street – P15 Time Restricted Parking
TR04-20 (920KB PDF)  (Part of) Pickering Street Fore Street – P60 Time Restricted Parking
TR05-20 (890KB PDF)  (Part of) Upton Terrace - Resident Parking
TR08-20 (870KB PDF)  (Part of) Park Road – P120 Time Restricted Parking
TR09-20 (880KB PDF)  (Part of) Burma Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR11-20 (900KB PDF)  (Part of) Colway Street - Multiple Parking Changes
TR12-20 (990KB PDF)  (Part of) Portland Crescent - P10-P120 Time Restricted Parking
TR13-20 (880KB PDF)  (Part of) Ballantrae Place – Motorcycle Restricted Parking
TR14-20 (870KB PDF)  (Part of) Guadeloupe Crescent - Give Way
TR17-20 (840KB PDF)  (Part of) Mahora Street – P30 Time Restricted Parking
TR19-20 (840KB PDF)  (Part of) Main Road – P60 Time Restricted Parking
TR20-20 (900KB PDF)  (Part of) Rixon Grove - No Stopping At All Times
TR21-20 (830KB PDF)  (Part of) Adelaide Road - Residents Parking
TR24-20 (1.0MB PDF)  (Part of) Balfour Street - No Stopping At All Times
TR26-20 (866KB PDF)  (Part of) Grey Street - Taxi Restricted Parking
TR28-20 (1.1MB PDF)  (Part of) Holloway Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR29-20 (990KB PDF)  (Part of) Balmoral Terrace - No Stopping At All Times
TR31-20 (860KB PDF)  (Part of) Waring Taylor Street - Metered Parking
TR32-20 (950KB PDF)  (Part of) Thorndon Quay – P10 Time Restricted Parking
TR33-20 (900KB PDF)  (Part of) Ballantrae Place - Parking Restrictions
TR34-20 (1MB PDF)  (Part of) Harriett Street - No Stopping At All Times
TR35-20 (1MB PDF)  (Part of) Carlton Gore Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR36-20 (910KB PDF)  (Part of) Palliser Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR37-20 (880KB PDF)  (Part of) Tannadyce Street - No Stopping At All Times
TR38-20 (1.1MB PDF)  (Part of) Nevay Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR39-20 (960KB PDF)  (Part of) Hutt Road - No Stopping At All Times
TR40-20 (815KB PDF)  (Part of) Beauchamp Street (at Verviers Street) - Reconfigure Bus Stop #4393
TR41-20 (830KB PDF)  (Part of) Beauchamp Street (Near 6 ) - Reconfigure Bus Stop #5396
TR42-20 (840KB PDF)  (Part of) Beauchamp Street (Near 38) - Reconfigure Bus Stop #5395
TR43-20 (840KB PDF)  (Part of) Beauchamp Street (near 39) - Reconfigure Bus Stop #4395
TR44-20 (840KB PDF)  (Part of) Beauchamp Street (near 60) - Reconfigure Bus Stop #5394
TR45-20 (810KB PDF)  (Part of) Beauchamp Street (near 63) -  Reconfigure Bus Stop #4394
TR46-20 (830KB PDF)  (Part of) Beauchamp Street (near 76) - Reconfigure Bus Stop #5393
TR47-20 (810KB PDF)  (Part of) McLintock - Relocate Bus Stop #3040
TR48-20 (830KB PDF)  (Part of) Para Street (near 44) - New Bus Stop
TR49-20 (820KB PDF)  (Part of) Para Street (opposite Holy Cross School) - Reconfigure Bus Stop #7274
TR50-20 (870KB PDF)  (Part of) Park Road - P60 Time Restricted Parking
TR51-20 (1MB PDF)  (Part of) Hanson Street – Resident Parking
TR52-20 (840KB PDF)  (Part of) Park Road – P120 Time Restricted Parking

More information/Mailing address

For more information, please contact WCC Network Operations.

Address: PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140
Phone: (04) 499 4444