Traffic Resolutions - Electric vehicle charging and car sharing (April 2017)

Status Closed
Start date 18 April 2017
Closed date 5 May 2017
Number of submissions 48

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council sought feedback on 23 proposed new traffic resolutions for Wellington. The resolutions were for a variety of traffic and parking restrictions to enable electric vehicle charging and car sharing.

Submissions were considered by the City Strategy Committee on 8 June, and with the exception of 7 resolutions being held back for a later date, all were passed.

The resolutions are for a variety of traffic and parking restrictions.


We are proposing to make parking bays available to car sharing providers in Wellington, and to support electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure providers.

Our objectives are to:

  • reduce the city's greenhouse emissions by shifting to non-fossil fuels and encouraging people to use fewer cars
  • improve the transport mix, and support and increase transport choices for residents that are sustainable and positive for the climate.