Traffic Resolutions – December 2019

Status Closed
Start date 29 October 2019
Closed date 15 November 2019
Number of submissions 35

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council asked for feedback on fifteen proposed new traffic resolutions for Wellington.  

The resolutions are for a variety of traffic and parking restrictions.

Following feedback and Council approval, the traffic restrictions will be added to the Council's legal database and instructions issued to contractors to install any signs and road markings.

Proposed changes

Reference Proposed changes
TR 139-19 (283KB PDF) (Part of) Victoria Street, Taxi Stand/Metered Parking
TR 140-19 (208KB PDF)
Wanaka Street, Dr Taylor Terrace and Frankmoore Avenue – Various Parking Changes
TR 141-19 (224KB PDF)
(Part of) Willis Street, Metered Parking
TR 142-19 (337KB PDF)
(Part of) Central Terrace, Removal of Residents Parking
TR 144-19 (416KB PDF)
(Part of) Sutherland Road, Reconfigure Bus Stop 
TR 145-19 (525KB PDF)
(Part of) Apuka Street, Relocation of Bus Stop
TR 146-19 (515KB PDF)
(Part of) Balfour Street, Relocation of Bus Stop
TR 147-19 (508KB PDF)
(Part of) Burma Road, New Bus Stop
TR 148-19 (492KB PDF)
(Part of) Houghton Bay Road, Relocation of Bus Stop
TR 149-19 (518KB PDF)
(Part of) Kentwood Drive, Relocation of Bus Stop
TR 150-19 (424KB PDF)
(Part of) Todman Street, Relocation of Bus Stop
TR 151-19 (515KB PDF)
(Part of) Upland Road, Reconfigure Bus Stop
TR 152-19 (243KB PDF)
(Part of) TR152-19 Mercer Street - Taxi stand Removal/Metered Parking
TR 153-19 (328KB PDF)
(Part of) Camperdown Road, Time Restricted Parking
TR 155-19 (219KB PDF)
(Part of) ) Park Road, Time Restricted Parking

More information/Mailing address

For more information, please contact Lindsey Hill, Project Coordinator, Transport Network Operations
Address: PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140
Phone: 04 803 8753