Proposed Dangerous & Insanitary Buildings Policy Update

Status Closed
Start date 23 September 2014
Closed date 17 October 2014
Number of submissions 0

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council sought your views on proposed amendments to the Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy.

The amendments to the policy outlined in this review reflect changes to the Building Act (2004) that have been made since the policy was first approved in 2006.

Proposed Policy Update (210KB PDF) | Text Version (445KB RTF)

Next steps

  • November 2014
    The Council will hear oral submissions.
  • December 2014
    The Council will consider the report on all written and oral submissions received and decide whether or not to approve the Dangerous and Insanitary Building Policy.


Wellington City Council is required to have a Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy under the Building Act (2004). This states how the Council will manage situations where it considers buildings to be either dangerous or insanitary.

The policy is required to be reviewed every five years.