FAQs on the Island Bay cycleway designs

If you have questions that are not addressed here or in the consultation materials, please contact us at theparade@wcc.govt.nz

What information will be included in the public report on this consultation?

Will the chosen option be determined by how many vote for it?

What is included in the budgets for each option?

Can we have a different cycleway treatment for the residential and business areas?

Why does it take so long to implement the chosen option?

Why do we only have two weeks to provide comments?

Why can’t you just put The Parade back the way it was?

Why does The Parade have to meet NZTA guidelines when other roads do not?

Can the ‘Option E’ proposed by the Island Bay Residents Association and Business Association at their meeting on 31 July be included in this consultation?

Has the new cycleway led to more accidents/crashes?

Why do I have to include my address in my submission?

Can I speak to my submission?

Can cyclists still travel on the road?

How will the loss of car parks be mitigated?

How many car parks were removed when the current cycleway was implemented?

What analysis has been done of parking requirements on The Parade?

How are bus stops and pedestrian crossings treated in the designs?

What happens where the existing road width varies? Will the extra available space in some sections of the road be allocated to the carriageway?

Will the proposed options provide a standard suite of options for other cycleways in Wellington?

Are the Dee Street and Reef Street intersections in scope?

Is Shorland Park included in these options?