Fees & charges under the Resource Management Act

Status Closed
Start date 27 November 2017
Closed date 8 January 2018

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council sought your views on proposed changes to resource consent fees and charges.


Recent changes to the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) have created extra activities and processes which require associated charges to be either set or clarified.

These include:

  • Boundary ‘deemed permitted’ activities – Council must exempt ‘boundary activities’ from needing a resource consent if the relevant neighbour’s approval is provided and other tests within the RMA are met. 
  • Marginal/temporary breaches – Council may exempt ‘marginal or temporary’ activities from needing resource consent.

These activities came into effect on 18 October 2017. 

Fee changes

 The fees proposed will cover the reasonable costs of processing the applications. The proposed fees are made in accordance with Section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and are as follows: 

  • Boundary activities – a deposit fee of $465
  • Marginal or temporary activities – a fixed fee of $310

Consequential amendments to Council's existing schedule of fees and charges include:

  • The existing fast-track consenting pathway will be renamed as “premium consent”
  • Existing Use Certificates issued under Section 139A of the RMA will charged at a deposit fee of $1040.

For deposit fees the existing hourly rate specified in the schedule of fees and charges is to be used if additional fees are to be charged ($155 per hour). All fees exclude GST.

Proposal document

The above information is also supplied in this document: New Fees and Charges under the Resource Management Act (127KB PDF)

More information

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Heritage and Practice Manager, City Planning

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