Convention Centre Proposal

Status Closed
Start date 8 July 2014
Closed date 14 August 2014
Number of submissions 76

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council sought your views on the proposal to a new convention centre.

To check out the proposal that was consulted on, see:

Consultation Summary Brochure (767KB PDF)

Consultation Results


The convention centre proposal is the first of Council’s ‘8 Big Ideas’ and is a catalyst for the Council’s economic growth agenda.

We believe the proposal will:

  • provide a good economic return to the city for the level of investment
  • allow the city to maintain and grow its share of the convention market in the face of tougher competition from other cities
  • attract a range of different format conferences that the city has traditionally not been able to host
  • overall act as a catalyst for more economic growth.