Cobham Drive - new harbour-side paths

Status Closed
Start date 7 March 2017
Closed date 4 April 2017
Number of submissions 232

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council asked for feedback on proposals to make improvements for people walking and biking along the Cobham Drive shared path.

Councillors are expected to make a final decision on the proposal and the legal changes required (the traffic resolutions) in May 2017. If approval is given, detailed design and consenting work is expected to begin in May with construction starting later this year.

Proposed changes

  • The existing shared path will be replaced with a two-way bike path (2.5–3m) and separated footpath (2m) on the harbour side of Cobham Drive. There will be a 0.5m buffer zone between the cycle path and the kerb.
  • People riding bikes can still use the existing shoulder on the road.
  • There will be ‘pause points’ that may include seats and lighting along the route.
  • Improvements will be made to the Evans Bay Parade intersection.
  • By the Troy Street roundabout, we plan to provide five parking spaces with a P180 limit so that more people can access the area for recreation. We will also relocate the parking area away from the footpath to eliminate conflict with vehicles and improve safety.
  • Along the seawall area at the Miramar end of Cobham Drive, we plan to reduce the number of on-street car parks by 10. We plan to provide 19 spaces with a P180 limit so more people can access the area for recreation.

This proposal does not include a crossing on Cobham Drive, but we are working together with the New Zealand Transport Agency on possible solutions for the longer term.

Proposal documents

Refer to Cobham Drive background documents - Transport Projects

More information

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