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A one-stop shop for consenting

What we're proposing: Develop a seamless “one-stop”, customer-focussed case management approach for key Council services.

Why we're proposing it: The delivery of the Council’s land use, land development, consenting, food, entertainment, and beverage regulatory processes can be complex to navigate, particularly when a customer needs a number of consents from different areas of the Council. To make this easier, the Council will progressively introduce a streamlined case management approach for services where the customer will only need to supply one application per project to a single case manager. Benefits to the customer include more efficient consenting, having a single point of contact, and faster processing times, as well as greater certainty and fewer surprises for the customer before significant investment is made.

Cost and impact on rates: As part of developing a one-stop-shop approach, the Council will investigate how costs will be recovered. No impact on rates.

Discounts for outdoor dining

What we're proposing: Discount per-square-metre fees for smokefree outdoor (al fresco) dining on pavement areas – 100% discount for full smokefree dining; 50% for areas with no smokefree restrictions.

You can find full details of our proposed fee changes in section 3 of the supporting documentation (1.4MB PDF).

Why we're proposing it: Wellington has a goal to be smokefree by 2025. However, smoking often happens in outdoor dining areas. Outdoor dining in public spaces increases seating capacity and helps create vibrant, social outdoor areas. As an incentive for businesses, the Council proposes to offer a discount on the per-square-metre fees for using pavement areas and removing fees for smokefree outdoor dining.

Cost and impact on rates: Estimated loss of revenue to the Council of $78,900. Less than 0.1% increase in rates.

Rates remission for first-home builders

What we're proposing: The Council wants to provide more support to first- home/apartment builders, and proposes to offer a rates remission up to a maximum of $5000 on new residential apartments/dwellings in Wellington City boundaries that are on a separate rating unit and where construction is completed after 1 July 2017.

Why we're proposing it: The rise of house prices and rents in Wellington has made housing affordability an issue. The Council is addressing this directly through increasing Council housing, more efficient consenting of new house builds, improving housing sector co-ordination with the establishment of a specialised housing task force, setting up an urban development agency, and introducing special housing areas.

Cost and impact on rates: The expected cost to the Council is $200,000 per year. There will be no impact on the overall rates bill; the cost of the rates remission will be redistributed to other ratepayers.

Supported living for people who experience ongoing homelessness

What we're proposing: As part of the Council’s “Housing First” approach to housing and resolving homelessness, we propose to develop a business case for supported living for people without shelter. This includes determining the best way to deliver holistic support for Māori and non-Māori, the best options for premises, the ongoing costs, and securing long-term funding.

Why we're proposing it: People who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness can have significant and complex needs that can make it difficult for them to maintain tenancies. The fact people are living on the streets in Wellington suggests existing providers alone are not able to meet accommodation requirements. The Council considers that a supported living arrangement could help address the needs of the homeless.

Cost and impact on rates: Developing the business case is expected to cost $75,000. Less than 0.1% increase in rates.