More resilient

We want our people and businesses to adapt and grow, no matter what the future brings.

Icon representing Triennium Plan goal: a circle with 2 rectangles (representing buildings), with a horizontal line below.

South Coast resilience

What we’re proposing: Stage 2 funding of work on recovering from recent storm surge damage and protecting the south coast against damage from future storm events.

Why we’re proposing it: In 2016/17, Stage 1 work was undertaken to restore and strengthen the south coast after damage caused by a succession of high-intensity storm surges in recent years. The proposed Stage 2 work includes sand dune planting and protection, the introduction of rock riprap along the western edge of Lyall Bay, and extensions to stormwater outfalls. The existing “Surfers’ Corner” car park will also be shifted slightly inland.

Cost and impact on rates: Capital expenditure of $976,000. Less than 0.1% increase in rates.

On the horizon

These projects are still under development, and need further work with our partners and stakeholders.

Seismic Building Intelligence System (Smart Buildings)

What we’re proposing: Install building sensors to track changes in the building structure for an earthquake.

Why we’re proposing it: The ability to access real-time information on how Wellington’s buildings perform in an earthquake will support instant evidence-based decisions on building safety, occupation after an event, and prioritisation of inspections/upgrade work, and also provide better information for the design of new buildings. The Council is investigating the use of building structure sensors in Wellington buildings as part of its resilience programme. 

The project includes exploring partnership and funding options with organisations such as the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, GNS Science and the Earthquake Commission.

Cost and impact on rates: Options for funding being investigated include grants, special rating, and owner and industry contributions (eg insurance industry). Impact on rates to be determined.

More resilient homes

What we’re proposing: Carry out a resilience assessment of 500 Wellington homes and develop a programme to remove brick chimneys and secure subfloor structures.

Why we’re proposing it: The Council is investigating how the city can best improve the resilience of new and existing houses in Wellington. Research shows that removing brick chimneys and securing subfloor structures to foundations increases residential resilience. The benefits of this include the improved safety and quality of Wellington homes and their ability to withstand natural disaster events.

Cost and impact on rates: Options for funding are being investigated. Impact on rates to be determined.