Request for cameras to be installed on Waiteata Road, Kelburn

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My wife and I drive to work each day, parking at the Waiteata Road car park on the VUW Kelburn campus. Due to the narrow street, other drivers driving too fast, and pedestrians, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve almost been in an accident coming in / out of this street, or seen it happen to others. Would it be possible to install two of those mirrors which allow you to see around the corners on this street?

Submitted by Thomas Dwan
Date withdrawn
Status Withdrawn

Background information

Two locations proposed: 1. Intersection / corner of Waiteata Road and McKenzie Terrace, Kelburn. 2. The corner roughly adjacent to 3 Waiteata Road, Kelburn.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.