Install traffic calming measures on Chartwell Drive, near Downing Street.

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On Chartwell Drive near the Downing Street intersection there is a crossing which is dangerous for pedestrians to use as drivers tend to come down the hill at speed. Ideally some traffic calming measures, or an actual raised pedestrian crossing, could be installed to slow drivers down on this bend which would give them time to react if anyone is using the crossing and make it safer to use.

Submitted by Ray O'Hagan
Date withdrawn 21 November 2022
Status Withdrawn

Background information

Drivers tend to come down Chartwell Drive around the blind corner at high speeds which makes the crossing dangerous to use as they do not have time to slow down if anyone is currently on the crossing. Drivers turning left out of Downing Street tend to pull out fast without looking left as they are concentrated on looking right expecting other cars to be coming down the hill fast, increasing the danger to those trying to use the crossing.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.