Reinstate the loading zone outside 11 Newtown avenue

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The new 56 apt development at Newtown ave was recently completed. During construction there was a loading zone installed which we would like reinstated. It would be valuable to the residents and neighbouring businesses for these reasons: - To make rubbish collection easier, quicker, and safer - Moving in/out, to prevent crossing busy roads with heavy items - Large deliveries, pick-up/drop-off All the above are done either from the the bus stop on Constable st or nearby public parks

Submitted by Gareth Humphries
Date withdrawn
Status Withdrawn

Background information

During construction of the 56 apartment (112 bedroom) site, a loading zone was established on Newtown ave. After the developers left it continued to be used by the residents until it was removed. For a number of reasons it would useful to have it re-instated. See below link for full discussion of some of these.



What happened to this petition?

This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.