Skatepark for Brooklyn/Owhiro bay area

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Skating (scooter, skateboard, blades or quads!) is an enjoyable urban sport that offers new levels of fitness and fun. Skating along the streets is pretty challenging in hilly Brooklyn, not to mention dangerous, so what we need is a good skatepark! There are skateparks within short distance of every other Wellington City suburb, so why not us, too? Please sign my petition to show support for this action.

Submitted by Jasmine Gabrielle-Hinchey
Date withdrawn 15 September 2020
Status Withdrawn

Background information

I am a long-time skateboarder and short-time rollerskater who lives in Brooklyn, Wellington. I feel there is strong need for a skate park in the Brooklyn/Owhiro Bay area for people of all ages to enjoy and to improve their skills safely.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.