Create roundabout on the corner of Pirie St and Brougham St

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The intersection of Brougham St and Pirie St is confusing to many, with right of way defined by the bus route from Brougham to Pirie to and from the bus tunnel, and a Give Way, and Stop signs attempting to prioritise the other access through the intersection A roundabout would slow down all traffic at this intersection and avoid any doubt as to what the right of way rules are.

Submitted by Andrew Watson
Date withdrawn 24 September 2020
Status Withdrawn

Background information

The right of way rules do not match the visibility one has at the intersection which make it prone to vehicles from Pirie and Brougham from the south not abiding by road rules, potentially putting vehicles approaching Brougham from the north and going straight through at a higher risk of accidents.



What happened to this petition?

This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.