Discretion for parking wardens

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I ask that City Council give discretion to parking wardens and training on safety mitigations they can employ. Rather than ticketing vehicles, parking in a wide centre median, particularly where there is plenty of room and no realistic safety concerns; give parking wardens the ability to exercise judgement and discretion. Keep our communities welcoming so they can remain vibrant and connected.

Submitted by Tania Strauss
Date withdrawn 31 March 2020
Status Withdrawn

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Today parking wardens ticketed vehicles in a wide median strip saying they had no discretion over who they fined. The parking pressure was due to a rare combination of events and weather. Photos show the majority of cars caused no obstruction. Cones and an announcement at the event would resolve safety issues. As a community we appear un-welcoming, focused on the rules instead of the people and the vibrancy of the community.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.