Safer roads at Wakefield Park

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We'd like safer roads for people using Berhampore Playground and Skatepark, the Berhampore-Island Bay Community Gardens and Wakefield Park. Road safety measures should be put in place on Adelaide Rd from Granville Flats through to The Parade. Specifically: - Lower the speed limit to 30 km/h - Remove car parks blocking the view of footpaths near pedestrian crossing - Other appropriate traffic calming measures (with consideration made for cyclist safety)

Submitted by Tessa Johnstone
Date withdrawn 6 November 2019
Status Withdrawn

Background information

This area is very busy with families, particularly on weekends and after school. The road is also very busy, with drivers often exceeding the speed limit. The new playground has meant a lot more people and as there are no toilets at the playground, more people - often small children - crossing the road frequently. There is limited visibility of the pedestrian crossing, as parked cars block the view of anyone waiting to cross.There are currently signage, but no other traffic calming measures.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.