Low cost solution for Abel/Cuba intersection

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Wellington City Council want to install a set of traffic lights at the Abel Smith St/Cuba St intersection at a projected cost of $200,000. Instead, they should make Abel Smith St a main street and either keep the stop signs on Cuba St or make them Give Way signs. This would cost far less money and would help to slow traffic on Cuba St, which is a busy pedestrian route.

Submitted by Geraint Scott
Date withdrawn 7 September 2016
Status Withdrawn

Background information

The intersection has long caused confusion for drivers given that all four parts are governed by a Stop sign. The Council say that the intersection is too small for a roundabout so they have decided traffic lights are the solution, but this is unnecessarily expensive. If pedestrian crossings were added on Abel Smith St either side of the intersection, the traffic could still be slowed through the intersection without spending $200,000 on lights.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.