Upgrade streetlights in Wellington suburbs to create a safer city.

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Wellington's suburbs should be a safe and friendly environment in which people feel comfortable walking alone at night. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. The suburbs of our city are poorly lit in the evening, causing a sense of vulnerability in our residents, particularly women. In recent months there have been a range of violent assaults on women, often of a sexual nature. A greater sense of visibility helps to remove the feeling of not knowing what's ahead, behind or beside you.

Submitted by William Thomson
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Status Withdrawn

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Wellington's streetlight stock was last replaced in the 1970s, making the technology over 40 years old. The streets at night time reflect this. Next time you're walking around Wellington suburbs at night time, take a note of just how dark it is. Consider how vulnerable it may make someone feel who is walking home alone, even if it's just a short walk home from a bus stop. These violent attacks are occurring in our suburbs. Places we have a right to feel safe.


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