Make the corner of Abel Smith St and Cuba St safer for pedestrians.

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Currently the corner of Abel Smith St and Cuba St is the only intersection on Cuba St that does not have a set of traffic lights. This makes it extremely difficult for pedestrians to cross the street here because of large traffic flows and the need for pedestrians to rely on their own timing to cross the busy road. Something needs to be done to make this area safer by either providing a set of traffic lights or by requiring traffic to stop for pedestrians.

Submitted by Kurt Sharpe
Date withdrawn 18 March 2011
Status Withdrawn

Background information

This is a difficult intersection to navigate for pedestrians. Cars seem oblivious to the dangerous situation although some cars do seem to stop for pedestrians but are not required to, and this uncertainty is also dangerous for pedestrians. This intersection has a constant flow of pedestrians, especially in the morning and after work. It is hard to understand why this is the only intersection along Cuba Street where more attention hasn’t been given to the needs of pedestrians.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.