Bring the best cafe in the world to the top of the Cable Car!

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Wellington’s Botanic Gardens and Cable Car are key tourist attractions. Unfortunately, visitors cannot enjoy the culinary delights and fabulous coffee offered elsewhere in the city due to a lack of options. We encourage Wellington City Council to invest in the servicing of these prime tourism attractions by supporting the establishment of a quality modern 'Wellington-style" cafe in the space formerly occupied by the Skyline Restaurant.

Submitted by Rebecca Bird
Date withdrawn 22 December 2010
Status Withdrawn

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The Wellington Botanic Gardens Management Plan states "Surveys in recent years show that there is demand for a variety of refreshment outlets in the Wellington Botanic Garden...Given the variability of visitor numbers…the economic viability of any outlet additional to the Botanic Garden Café is a consideration." It's not unusual for Botanic Gardens with international standing to have multiple refreshment outlets, for example Sydney’s Botanic Gardens has six high quality refreshment options.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.