Reducing noise-pollution

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Consider introducing a by-law to prohibit use of noisy equipment and noisy construction either on one day or weekend day in a month or fortnight or even every week. This could be in force just for the duration of daylight saving, ie. spring - summer.

Submitted by Bernard Jennings
Date withdrawn 12 November 2010
Status Withdrawn

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Spent some time off work at home in the week. Its noisy. Hammering, skill-saws and construction noise all day. OK ... houses have to get built. Its the weekend, the suns out - great - its noisy. One keen person is out with their chainsaw or weedeater all day. I appreciate things need to get built; domestic items maintained. But could there be one day-time period when the use of motorised equipment and construction is prohibited.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.