Resolution of traffic pinch-point on Tory St/Courtenay Pl intersection.

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Change the configuration of the lanes for north-bound traffic on Tory Street where it crosses Courtenay Place. Make the left lane for straight-ahead and left-turning traffic, and the right lane for right-turning traffic only.

Submitted by Adam Rosner
Date withdrawn 11 September 2009
Status Withdrawn

Background information

Frequently long queues will form for traffic wishing to cross Courtenay Place, back to Mitre10 and beyond, because one vehicle wishes to make a right-turn into Courtenay Place and must wait until all the approaching traffic has passed. Eventually the one vehicle makes its right turn against the amber light and no waiting vehicles get to go. Suggest making the right lane a turning-only lane and the left lane a combined left-turn/straight-ahead lane.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.