Making "parking in the wrong direction" legal in certain locations

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Parking a vehicle on the "wrong" side of the road is currently illegal and is subject to a $40 fine for being PARKED FACING THE WRONG WAY ON A NARROW TWO WAY ROAD. There are, however, many narrow no-exit roads in Wellington where residents’ park faceing the "wrong way", and this either has no adverse safety implications or it actually increases road safety. It is requested that "reverse" or "wrong way" parking be made legal in all Wellington roads that are: 1) narrow and/or one lane, AND 2) no exit

Submitted by Kris Ericksen
Date withdrawn 9 May 2008
Status Withdrawn

Background information

In early May approximately 15 vehicles were ticketed in Koromiko Road for being parked the "wrong way". Residents have parked this way for at least the past 30 years without any adverse effects or any infringement notices being issued. Obviously the bylaws need to be revised to allow this practice to occur where it is safe and reasonable to do so!


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.