A call for more public consultation in regards to the decision to cull our city pigeons.

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The Council has said there will be a cull of city pigeons in their roosting spots. There has been no consultation with the public regarding this decision. More seriously the council has not presented any studies or expert opinions on which they have based their decision to act in this extreme manner. I believe this decision is ill-informed; the action is inhumane and will not provide a long term solution to the issue.

Submitted by Mary Heslan
Date withdrawn 7 May 2008
Status Withdrawn

Background information

This decision to cull our city’s pigeons is apparently based on complaints of a few constituents. However, no opportunity has been given to the remaining and majority constituents to comment. No plan has been published to allow formal public input. Pigeons are not mentioned in the pest management plan or the most recent biodiversity report. It is not within a council's mandate to make a decision of the magnitude of poisoning a species much beloved by many city residents, without consultation.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.