Pedestrian Crossing Cycles During Rush Hour - Say No to crossing with turning traffic!

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I have noticed that the intersections on Cuba Street, Ghuznee Street and on all the new bypass intersections from Willis Street to Vivian Street have pedestrians crossing at the same time as turning traffic.

Submitted by Amber Haley
Date withdrawn 21 April 2008
Status Withdrawn

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On Cuba Street turning traffic has to wait for the pedestrians on both sides. It's scary when I am a pedestrian on these crossings, and frustrating when driving. It can take two phases of lights to get through and causes congestion. Please can it be made to have a full pedestrian phase with NO turning vehicle traffic, then a phase of all directional traffic on the following intersections: Cuba/Ghuznee and Willis/Vivian. This simple measure would increase traffic flow in rush hour and keep pedestrians safe.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.