Covert the Tawa-Grenada North Southbound On/Off ramp cross intersection into a Roundabout

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The intersection of Southbound Tawa-Grenada North is used by many heavy vehicles for the industrial area of Grenada North and the intersection layout has cars indicating left off the motorway at 100km/h speeds and often don't communicate their movements correctly throughout the intersection. I want to see the intersection converted into a Roundabout to slow all traffic down to a safer speed, reducing chance of the serious crashed from happening, and reducing the incorrect use of indicators.

Submitted by Sam Somers
Date declined 5 March 2024
Status Declined

Background information

Often 1 in 3 vehicles going straight ahead off the motorway indicate left leaving much of the turning traffic on both the stop sign and giveway sign not trusting them and waiting till the intersection clears, sometimes creating long tailback on Takapu Road. With many B-Train and Truck-Trailor units, that are up to 20m long, we need the intersection redesigned to suite the actual traffic using it rather than keeping its 1950's quarter cloverleaf layout when the Motorway was extended to Porirua.


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This petition was declined for the following reason:

It falls outside the jurisdiction of Council.