Night Lights On "Wellington" Sign

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I would like to petition for the Wellington City Council to provide and install lighting for night-time illumination of the existing "Wellington" sign (located next to the Miramar Cutting and overlooks Evans Bay). I believe this would be a positive visual display for the capital, especially for visitors touring the city or flying into the airport.

Submitted by Andrew Page
Date declined 16 November 2023
Status Declined

Background information

I have often enjoyed looking at the "Wellington" sign while driving, riding or walking around Evans Bay and have thought that it was a shame that we only get the benefits of seeing it during daylight hours. Some lights directed onto the sign, which came on at night, would extend and enhance the pleasure of the sign for Wellingtonians and visitors.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition was declined for the following reason:

It falls outside the jurisdiction of Council.