Stop the Cuba Street Preacher, Corey Holmes, from publicly harassing people

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This man is harassing children about "demons" and sexual issues. He is using a microphone and amplifier, causing widespread distress and disrupting local businesses. Complaints have been made to the police, but have not been taken seriously. His behavior constitutes a clear menace to the people's peaceful enjoyment of our public space, and the sexual harassment of minors. His comments constitute hate speech, and cannot be tolerated. We demand that the Council ban him from continuing.

Submitted by Anton Styles
Date declined
Status Declined

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I personally witnessed this man harassing children, telling them that their relatives were possessed by demons, and that they couldn't trust their relatives. Many young women report that he has made derogatory comments about their attire and presumed sexual activities. At least one woman complained, and was told by police that she should just cover up - a completely unacceptable response from our police. Mothers report that he has made disgusting comments to their daughters, as young as eleven.


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