Increased Subsidisation of Public Transport

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Following Wellington City Council declaring an Ecological and Climate Emergency on June 20th 2019, I would like to request a feasibility study on the uptake of further subsidisation of the Public Transport within the City Centre and surrounding Suburbs. This may be in the form of increased funding to reduce public transport costs or a "free zone" where transport is fully subsidised within the central city and close surrounding suburbs.

Submitted by Sam Turner
Date declined 6 August 2019
Status Declined

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Progressive cities and countries around the world have moved to fully subsidise public transport within the city limits (and surrounding suburbs) to reduce traffic congestion and also reduce carbon emissions. I believe that this concept will work best in conjunction with the current system and the proposed "Let's get wellington moving" to help alleviate congestion and significantly reduce carbon emissions.


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This petition was declined for the following reason:

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) is the authority responsible for providing public transport services (via contracts with operating companies) and setting public transport fares throughout the Wellington Region. Wellington City Council advocates through formal submissions to GWRC for more affordable fares.