Wellington Landfill Fencing and Rubbish Containment

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This petition advocates for better fencing of the Wellington City Landfill in Happy Valley and more effective containment of wind borne plastic debris. The landfill is adjacent to the Te Kopahou Reserve and the catchments for several streams. All of which are deserving of protection in their own right, however also flow directly into the Taputeranga Marine Reserve. The current situation is unacceptable, with insufficient fencing or containment leading to rubbish blowing freely over the ridge.

Submitted by Josh Bruce
Date declined 17 August 2018
Status Declined

Background information

Ultimately reducing waste to the landfill is the goal but in the interim more adequate containment and environmental protection is needed. We believe council have an important role to play as kaitiaki in this area. We await a response and most importantly action on this important issue. Thanks in advance, from some concerned Residents.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition was declined for the following reason:

Wellington City Council does not operate the landfill to which is referred.