Can we have a traffic mirror in a very tight corner on Totara Rd, Miramar?

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If i want to leave my driveway, i have to access the road without being able to see any traffic coming from the left, due to a very tight corner on Totara Road. In our driveway live 6 families with little kids. We all would love to be able to leave our driveway and go on the road and feel safe, in stead of keeping our fingers crossed and hoping no car is coming.

Submitted by Debbie Wiertsema
Date declined 19 February 2015
Status Declined

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The houses in our driveway are 151 and 161 If you leave our driveway, the tight corner is on the left, its probably between house numbers 163 and 177


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This ePetition did not take into account the legal processes that the Council must follow.