Road cyclist to pay registration if on the road/ Cyclist law review

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There is a large increase of cyclist on the roads and will only be increasing. As the numbers of cyclist increase it becomes harder for vehicles (who pay registration) to travel freely on the road. As more and more cycle dedicated lanes/ roads are being built the registration for motor vehicles is increasing. The cyclist should be made to pay a registration fee if they are wanting to ride on the road.

Submitted by isaac mackay
Date declined 10 February 2014
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I have been in Wellington my hole life and have noticed a issue of the number of road cyclist on the road causing problems in a number of ways. If road cyclist want to be treated like vehicles they should abide by the road rules as well as pay a fee to register the bike or the rider. The laws should also be enforced more on road cyclist (eg no under taken, single file and using hand signals when turning)


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This ePetition has been decline as it is outside Wellington City Council's jurisdiction.