Redesign the New Wellington City Logo

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The new Wellington City logo is offensive for its apparent references to a particular religion and for its abandonment of Maori Te Reo translations. The logo design process further lacked necessary democratic oversight. This petition proposes that the city council scrap the current design and allow city residents to participate in the process of designing a logo that represents them.

Submitted by Andrew Robinson
Date declined 29 November 2013
Status Declined

Background information

The total cost of the new logo was $24,000. Creating a more compelling and less offensive version would cost pennies if the city engaged its creative citizenry in the effort.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition was declined for the following reason:

At this stage, the City and Council logo will not be changing. This means the the 'plus' symbol will not be applied to the city's branding, and the Te Reo Maori translation is unchanged and will continue to be used.  Therefore, this ePetition does not need to be advanced.