Bike/pedestrian transparent separation in Mount Victoria tunnel

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I propose that Wellington City Council researches the possibility of installing a transparent separation layer between the main thoroughfare and the pedestrian/cycling lane in the Mount Victoria tunnel. This layer will greatly reduce the noise level and improve the air quality substantially. This in turn will entice many potential commuters to walk/cycle to the CBD and add to the green image of Wellington City Council.

Submitted by Jochen Buur
Date declined 27 February 2013
Status Declined

Background information

Exhaust fumes and noise, especially during peak hour traffic, make walking/cycling through the Mount Victoria tunnel an unpleasant and unhealthy experience. However the tunnel is an attractive shortcut to/from the CBD for many potential commuters in the eastern suburbs keen to try an healthy alternative to motorized transport.


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This petition was declined for the following reason:

Petition was not within the jurisdiction of the Council.