Amend the Traffic Bylaw to allow nonpayment when a parking meter is unable to process the payment.

Petition details

I hereby petition the Council to amend the traffic bylaw to allow for a defense for non-payment of a parking fee when a parking meter is fault condition rendering it unable to process the payment as long as: A) The fault is reported as specified on the meter. B) Payment via another means was also unavailable or unable to be made due to a lack of means ie: i)sufficient currency in coin to purchase the required amount of parking. ii)don't have a credit card. iii)don't have txt capability.

Submitted by Daniel Reurich
Date declined 24 February 2011
Status Declined

Background information

I have had the situation twice where a pre-pay txt-a-park machine was unable to provide the txt-a-park service. When the txt-a-park service doesn't work the credit card payment option doesn't either. I don't have sufficient coin. So I report the fault via phone, and get given an event number to use in my defence if I get issued an infringement notice. Parking and Infringement Services reject the defense and pursue the fine arguing the meter was not faulty and I should have paid by coin.



What happened to this petition?

This petition was declined for the following reason:

Petition was not within the jurisdiction of the Council.