Overturn the consent and stop the construction of an Indoor Stadium on Cobham Park.

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In the current economic climate we believe the council should be exercising fiscal restraint. Our rates were set at pre recession levels and will not be updated for 3 years so we are paying rates on property that will be worth less than the latest RV - we do not want to pay any additional levies to fund such a massive project.

Submitted by Diana Ward-Pickering
Date declined 6 March 2009
Status Declined

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In addition we have lived in Lyall Bay for 28 years, we both work in the Eastern suburbs - we do not relish the thought of the increased traffic and associated problems that would result from an influx of sports teams/vehicles into an already congested area especially at peak times.



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This petition was declined for the following reason:

This petition does not take into account the legal processes that the Council must follow.