Create motorcycle/Moped lane left of motorway lanes into Wgtn City, with reduced speed for safety

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We see many motorcycles and mopeds coming into welington city now with petrol prices and parking difficulties. Using the left "Emergency" lane along the motorways as designated motorcycle lanes would be a good use for them. reduce the speed limit (e.g. 60) to make it safe for Mopeds to travel to the city as well. It would also help with safety as currently many motorcycles lane share with other traffic.

Submitted by Brett Skellon
Date declined 12 June 2008
Status Declined

Background information

During peak traffic conditions the traffic moves slowly, and motorcycles/mopeds could use this lane instead of lane sharing as they already do. And at non peak traffic time it could still be used by Mopeds who often can not reach 100km anyway. If there was a car broken down and using the left emergency lane, having a reduced speed limit would allow motorcycles the ability to merge out of the lane into normal traffic if necessary.



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This petition was declined for the following reason:

Petition was not within the jurisdiction of the Council.