Halt roadworks of Riddiford St North

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We ask Council
Debates roadworks in heritage area of merit Riddiford St North retail precincts’ perfectly functional road.
For status quo of shortstay parks, loading zone & shortened crossing
Give directly affected businesses their legal right of consultation, participation on proposals & return feedback.
Examines alternatives to reduce impact on local businesses & support removal of vehicular load from medical staff/users of the hospital.
Stop roadworks while consultation is conducted.

Submitted by Urmila Bhana
Opened 25 February 2022
Closed 21 March 2022
Status Presented

Background information

Affected retailers of Riddiford St North retail precinct were not consulted & informed 7/2/22 some roadworks will occur 21/2/22 & customers use new Childrens hospital carpark. This is the first part of a number of roadworks to be carried out in the area so we ask works be stopped & council debates the project impacts & consults local businesses. Every suburb in Wellington is distinct and that can not be replicated in any other area and by using the same method in all locations without consultation you lose the identity that makes the suburb, community and retail precinct distinct and functional and operative


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What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 21 March 2022.