WCC should promote a local bill to repeal the Wellington City Milk-supply Act 1919

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This Act gave Council a monopoly on the sale of milk in Wellington. The Act has never been formally repealed, so the sale of milk by any other party in Wellington may be unlawful. The law is outdated; it is incumbent on Council to demonstrate good regulatory stewardship and promote a local bill for its repeal.

Submitted by Tyrone-Jay Barugh
Opened 17 December 2021
Closed 1 February 2022
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Ensuring outdated laws are repealed is important to maintain trust in our legal system. It is a serious cause, and experts agree. Dr Leonid Sirota of AUT University Law School was kind enough to write that “There's an absurd law still on the books which no one means to apply or enforce. To uphold the Rule of Law, this law should be repealed yesterday. Drawing attention to this by suing, as a last resort, is in the public interest.”


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