Pedestrian crossing for Monorgan Road

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We strongly believe a pedestrian crossing is required on Monorgan Road near the intersection with Raukawa Street. This will create a safer crossing zone for people coming down from Raukawa and adjoining streets plus those coming up Monorgan Road, especially school students heading to Kahurangi School and Scots College. It will be of great benefit to all residents in the area as Monorgan Road is a busy feeder vehicle route to The Broadway and this makes it dangerous to cross at peak times.

Submitted by Karl Frost
Opened 20 August 2021
Closed 20 November 2021
Status Presented

Background information

Our original request for a pedestrian crossing opposite the Monorgan Road play area/Helicopter Park in 2018 was rejected on the basis that the location was unsafe being too close to the base of a steep road. Subsequently we requested that other locations along Monorgan Road be reviewed due to lack of safety especially for children heading to school. While other action has been taken to improve traffic safety generally (road widening) nothing has been done to improve pedestrian safety.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 20 November 2021.

The petition was presented to the Planning and Environment Committee (disestablished October 2022) committee on 11 August 2022.