That the Khandallah Summer Swimming Pool remains open until the end of the Easter Holidays.

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The Khandallah Community Noticeboard requests that the Khandallah Summer Pool remains open until the end of the Easter Holidays every year The subject has been widely canvassed on the Noticeboard and has unanimous and popular support. The petition is solely focused on extending the opening dates for the pool. While the Community is fully committed to supporting upgrading and investing in the pool facilities, this will be pursued as a separate initiative.

Submitted by John McGrath
Opened 26 March 2021
Closed 26 June 2021
Status Presented

Background information

Khandallah Pool is an extremely popular facility, heavily utilized by children and adults alike. However, the benefits of the facility cannot be fully maximized as its opening season does not match with the peak of the summer season. Khandallah Pool closes for the season at the height of the Wellington Summer. The end of February is far too early to close the pool. Summer traditionally arrives late in Wellington and late Summer and early Autumn sees the most settled weather..


Signatures: 431

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 26 June 2021.

This petition was presented to the Pūroro Rangaranga | Social, Cultural and Economic Committee on 2 September 2021.