Stop trucks coming off motorway and using Wellington streets to transport waste to tips

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We the undersigned call on the Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council to stop trucks carrying demolition and construction waste and/or soil and/or hazardous good from coming off the motorway into Vivian Street and travelling through residential and shopping streets in central Wellington and suburbs to the landfill and CND and TNT tips, along Happy Valley Road.

Submitted by Alison Robins
Opened 1 March 2021
Closed 1 June 2021
Status Presented

Background information

These trucks run during the day Monday through Saturday. They are very noisy and produce fuel emissions and particle pollution from uncovered loads which are entering households and being breathed in. They could cause serious traffic accidents and are frightening, particularly to children, families, old people and persons with disabilities using the footpaths and crossings.


Signatures: 52

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 1 June 2021.

This petition was presented at the Pūroro Āmua | Planning and Environment Committee meeting on24 June 2021.