Extend Central Library Hours on Sundays

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This is a petition to extend the Sunday hours of the Wellington City Council Central Library (reflecting the current Saturday Opening Hours). This will enable the General Public to have more flexibility in visiting the Central Library on a Sunday. Currently the Central Library is only open from 1-4pm and there are a considerable number of people waiting for the library to open every Sunday I visit. I believe it would be beneficial for the Wellington public to have better access to their main library on a Sunday.

Submitted by Rose Phillips
Opened 9 April 2018
Closed 9 June 2018
Status Presented

Background information

The benefits are fourfold; 1. Greater access to library resources on Sundays for the general public including tourists seeking information about buses and the city. 2. Greater access to library resources for individuals who work full time during weekdays who exclusively visit the library on the weekend. 3. More employment opportunities for new/existing library staff. 4. Less congestion during the start of the current opening hours.


Signatures: 111

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 9 June 2018.

The petition was presented to the City Strategy Committee committee on 23 August 2018.