Demand the Island Bay Cycle way be tested for safety by the formula in the Cycling Framework.

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The Island Bay Cycle Way preliminary plan was approved by Councillors on the 24th of June while untested by the Cycling Framework Formula that determines whether the Councils plan is safer then what we have now. For the people of Island Bay this is extremely bad news and for the City as a whole another blow against public safety.

Submitted by Maria van der Meel
Opened 21 September 2015
Closed 12 November 2015
Status Presented

Background information

The Cycling Framework was designed to deliver safe cycle ways and on page 17 under comments states the following; We will only implement cycle ways if they are safer than what we have now. Safety considerations include:  Speed and mass differentials between modes  Minimum requirements  Crash history  Perceived safety barriers  How safety affects uptake of cycling.


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This petition closed for signatures on 12 November 2015.