Suburban Liquor Ban Needed Urgently.

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If we can pass By Laws for 30 K speed zones in our Suburbs then we must also curb roadside drinking in our communities. My proposal is to include Suburban Business Districts i.e. Brooklyn Shops and all areas in reduced speed zones (30 KM) to be included in the city wide Liquor Ban area. There is no justifiable reason for any reasonable person to demand the right to sit on the footpath of our suburban business and residential district and drink until drunk without any repercussions from the law.

Submitted by Zachary James Widener
Opened 11 February 2015
Closed 11 March 2015
Status Presented

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The police support me on this and so do many local business owners. The owners of Licensed premises; Cellar Room, The Cornerstore and Brooklyn Bar & Bistro are the most aggrieved as they are not permitted to serve anyone who is intoxicated or ‘pre loaded’ but it is perfectly legal for the punter to leave a bar in Brooklyn and get drunk in public and re enter the bar and if caught by the DLA the owner of the licensed bar is fined and nothing happens to the intoxicated person.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 11 March 2015.

The petition was presented to the Community, Sport & Recreation Committee (disestablished October 2016) committee on 22 April 2015.

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