Demand WCC apply the 2008 Cycling and Walking Policy to all projects and at the planning stages.

Petition details

This e-petition comes as a result of WCC ignoring management demands by both the 2008 Cycling and Walking Policy to the Golden Mile Improvements at the planning stages. This was revealed during cross-examinations of the Director of Strategic Planning and Urban Design in the Environment Court by the City is Ours.

Submitted by Maria van der Meel
Opened 28 January 2011
Closed 28 July 2011
Status Presented

Background information

For cyclists this means they have "no access" to, and further to that pedestrians also go without the application of the WCC Footpath Policy and/or NZTA Guidelines in Manners Mall. In other words safety measures have not been considered and now the purpose of the e-petition



What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 28 July 2011.

No further action was taken as the e Petition contained groundless allegations.