Petition for adequate safety lighting in official dog exercise areas

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Currently no adequate lighting is provided in official dog exercise areas, posing a safety risk to dog owners. Dogs can be exercised in designated areas only. This is important for dogs’ health and well-being, yet without lighting many owners do not feel safe in winter months, forcing them to seek other, better-lit (but not official) exercise areas. We request that at least the most popular, well fenced exercise areas be supplied with lighting adequate for dog-exercising and personal safety.

Submitted by Lisa Casagranda
Opened 6 June 2008
Closed 6 July 2008
Status Presented

Background information

Dogs must be exercised to ensure they remain happy, healthy and socially integrated. The best (well fenced, large enough for dogs to run around) exercise areas are very popular in mornings and evenings, yet in winter months these parks can be very dark and secluded. Lack of lighting poses a very real personal safety risks to both owners and their dogs, particularly for female dog owners. Our petition asks for adequate safety lighting to be provided in the most regularly used dog exercise areas.


Signatures: 410

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 6 July 2008.

The petition was presented to the Strategy and Policy Committee on 21 August 2008.

This petition was referred to officers to consider in their work. Petitioners are invited to submit on the draft Dog Control Policy Bylaw, which will include possible improvements to dog exercise areas.